2022 Covid-19 Policy

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend the event?

Yes, both USACFC and the venue (Rhode Island College) require all attendees to be fully vaccinated with a booster at least two weeks prior to the event dates. This includes competitors, coaches, referees, event staff, and team representatives. USACFC is not accepting religious or medical exemptions. Spectators will not be allowed due to space restrictions.

The only exception will be for boosters if an attendee is ineligible for a booster per CDC guidelines:

  • April 6, 2022 (roster due date) is less than five months after the second shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine was received.

  • April 6, 2022 is less than two months after receipt of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.


In all other cases, the attendee must have received a COVID-19 booster shot and submitted proof of vaccination. 

How will you confirm vaccinations?

Teams and their guests will be asked to provide the Covid-19 vaccination information in advance of the tournament via the secure and HIPAA-compliant platform PreWorkScreen form. This will the same for any event staff and referees. Anyone who is not pre-approved with a team will need to show their vaccine information at the door and may be subject to administrative fees.

What if I can not or will not get vaccinated? 

In order to protect the safety of those attending the event and to comply with the rules of our host venue, any non-vaccinated fencer, coach, referee, team representative, etc. will not be allowed to enter the event space, no matter the reason for their non-vaccinated status. Due to the short nature of our event and our available staffing, we are unable to accommodate any vaccine exemptions for either religious or medical reasons. To attempt to do so would place an undue burden on this organization whose sole goal is to run a single tournament over the course of a single weekend.

If everyone is vaccinated, do I still need a mask?

At this time, we will be enforcing masks for all attendees when they are inside the competition building. Following USA Fencing’s precedent, masks will be required for everyone in attendance and non-compliance is a cardable offense. Masks can only be removed briefly while actively drinking water. With this, no food consumption is allowed in the Recreation Center. Masks must be surgical-quality masks or two-layer cloth masks. Gaiters, bandanas, face shields alone, and masks with vents are not allowed. We recommend practicing in masks if you’re not already, to get used to it. Also plan to bring plenty of spare masks, and even rapid tests if you have them available. 

Are we social distancing?

Understanding that these events often put teams in tight quarters, we are going to ask that attendees limit their bags and other possessions in the venue and that only the squads actively fencing have gear in the space (when women are fencing, men's gear remains in vehicles, etc.). This will give us more floor space and allow people to move about the venue with ease. 

USACFC is also limiting the number of people at the strip and in the venue to the following:

  • In the venue - no spectators are allowed. Each school will be allowed 4 “team representatives” total who could be a coach, friend, family, or any non-fencer. Team representatives must be registered with us ahead of time, submit their COVID information like all other attendees, and will receive credentials.

  • At the strip - Three fencers, one alternate, one non-fencing “team representative” (see above) for a total of 5 people maximum