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2023-24 Forms and Fees

2023-4 Season forms and fees will be posted in early fall 2023. 



  1. Teams MUST have full squads of three (3) or more fencers. Teams MAY NOT participate with partial squads

  2. Graduate students may participate if they are eligible (see below)

  3. If teams miss deadlines to submit forms and fees, their squads may be cut if the events are over-enrolled. Late forms and fees incur a $25 per week late fee.

  4. If teams don't bring complete scoring equipment to the event, THEY WILL NOT FENCE

Teams are responsible for maintaining up-to-date contact information and reporting any changes and formal withdrawals by email/phone are REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN GOOD STANDING IN THE USACFC. Any team not honoring the withdrawal policy will not be allowed to compete in future events

All participating teams are REQUIRED to bring (1) complete electrical strip PER GENDER that includes:

  • (1) Scoring Machine (CURRENT TIMING)    

  • (2) Floor cords and (2) Reels

  • (1) Stop watch or WORKING remote control     

  • (1) Set of weights and shims

  • (1) Multi-plug splitter or power strip         

  • (1) Extension cord (extras always helpful)

Any team failing to bring (1) complete, working electrical scoring set PER GENDER will not participate, NO EXCEPTIONS. All equipment must be available UNTIL THE CONCLUSION OF THE EVENT. Teams with no scoring sets may borrow or rent them from local clubs, divisions, sections, vendors, or other teams


A fencer will be limited to 5 years of competition at any college level. This is 5 years in which a fencer competes for any team(s) in any intercollegiate competition (NCAA and/or club) for even one bout in a given year. There will be no prior vetting of any fencers but adequately substantiated challenges will be verified. If the board determines that a fencer has exceeded their eligibility then a one year suspension from USACFC will be given to the fencer's team. That team and all of its fencers, coaches, and staff will be black carded / disqualified from the event IMMEDIATELY, NO DISCUSSION, and its results for that entire event will be vacated. That team will be ineligible to compete in any USACFC event through the end of the following calendar year and will have to re-apply to the USACFC (forfeiting all incumbency priorities, if any) to resume participation thereafter.


The USACFC follows the rules of the USFA and NCAA, including the black card policy. Any behavior by any team, individual fencer or coach which meets the criteria for a black card will be issued one. Examples include but are not limited to any harassment or threatening of referees, bout committee workers, athletes, coaches, or USACFC officers.

As the event has grown and received more attention, all involved in the championships must continue to work to make it a positive competition.

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