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USA Fencing Welcomes USACFC as Autonomous Sanctioned Organizational Member

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Across the nation, collegiate fencing clubs offer thousands of students the opportunity to continue their passion into their college years. Today, USA Fencing is proud to announce a commitment designed to further empower that passion through a groundbreaking partnership between USA Fencing and the United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs (USACFC).

This landmark agreement represents a significant expansion in the support and integration of collegiate club fencing within the national fencing ecosystem. The deal was approved by both the USA Fencing Board of Directors and the USACFC membership to recognize USACFC as an autonomous sanctioned organizational member of USA Fencing.

This collaboration is set to enhance the fencing experience for collegiate club athletes across the country, providing them with a host of benefits, including access to USA Fencing memberships, sanctioned events and a structured pathway for ongoing participation in the sport. 

The first major milestone under this new partnership will be the sanctioning of the 2025 USACFC National Championships as an official USA Fencing event.

Phil Andrews, USA Fencing CEO, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. 

“This alliance between USA Fencing and the USACFC marks a significant step forward in our mission to grow the sport at all levels," Andrews says. "By bringing collegiate club fencing into the fold, we’ll enrich the fencing community while also providing these athletes with valuable opportunities to compete, develop and remain engaged with the sport throughout their college years and well into their 20s, 30s and beyond.”

USACFC President Joanna Klatzman Higgison helped broker the deal on the USACFC side and bring it to members for feedback and a vote.

“Our Board is excited to provide this opportunity to our member clubs,” she says. “This partnership between the United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs and USA Fencing will add significant value to our members outside of our annual championship and aid in the development of collegiate club programs. By providing our student athletes with a wider range of experiences to fence and referee, both in college and beyond, we hope it will deepen their commitment to the sport and show them avenues to remain part of the community after graduation.”


What’s in the Deal?

The agreement outlines numerous benefits for USACFC member clubs, including:

  • A complimentary USA Fencing Club Membership for each USACFC member club.

  • USA Fencing Access Memberships for each club, with the option to purchase additional memberships for clubs with more than 50 members. These memberships are specifically to allow access to sanctioned events for those who were not USA Fencing members prior to attending college, and any individual who wishes to compete in a Regional event or above will of course need to have an appropriate membership.

  • Integration of USACFC events into the USA Fencing sanctioned event calendar, providing collegiate club fencers with the opportunity to earn points and ratings.

  • A pathway for fencers, referees and other participants to continue their involvement in fencing post-graduation.

  • An emphasis on athlete safety and development, including mandating SafeSport training and background checks for club leaders, while also supporting referee development and funding for USACFC championships.

The alliance between USA Fencing and USACFC is a testament to both organizations’ commitment to fostering a vibrant, inclusive and competitive fencing community. It promises to pave the way for the future of collegiate club fencing in the United States, ensuring that more athletes can experience a life enriched by fencing.

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