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2023 Rosters

Please submit this year’s roster form by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 2023 at 11:59:59 pm PST.


You may submit earlier and update your submitted roster at any time until the deadline. It is highly encouraged to submit an initial draft early as it helps USACFC to plan the event.

In order to include a squad on your roster, it must have a minimum of three participants (an a maximum of four) per gender per weapon. The only exception for partial squads of two is if one fencers becomes sick or injured or has some other unpredictable reason that they cannot attend within 24 hours of the teams departure for the event. If you have alternates of the same gender, even in other weapons, you must use them to fill your partial squad before a squad of two would be allowed to compete. Partial squads of one are not allowed at any point, under any circumstances, and at time during the event. For further questions about partial squads, please read the full policy in our Tournament Manual on page 6 under "Partial Squads.


Any changes to submitted rosters after the cutoff date of WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 2023 at 11:59:59 pm PST must be made in person at the event, and will incur a $25 administrative fee per weapon squad (i.e: Men's Epee, Women's Foil, etc.) requiring changes. 


Teams will not be allowed to compete until all fees (Membership, Entry Fees, and applicable Administrative fees) are paid in full.

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